Ferdinand is an antagonist of the animated series «The Jungle Bunch».

Personality Edit

Ferdinand has the same appearance as the other meerkats. Ferdinand is cunning, loves peanuts, and as he says himself, a very talented actor.

Bio Edit

Ferdinand appeared in the episode «An Impossible Mission». Ferdinand turned to the «Jungle Bunch» for help (which in fact were Al and Bob, replacing the team itself, as they were stricken by food poisoning). Ferdinand himself tells them that mandrills stole his good luck statue. Soon, Al, Bob and Ferdinand arrive at the place where this statue is located. Al and Bob fall into a trap, and Ferdinand reveals that he deceived them by pretending to be upset. Al and Bob find Ferdinand’s home, which is surrounded by water with piranhas and a fence with Makandra bellagorum spiders. Despite this, they manage to take back the statue and return it back to the mandrills.