Hercule is a negative character of the animated series «The Jungle Bunch».

Personality Edit

Hercule looks like the rest of the vultures. Wears a monocle, thereby creating a certain image of a connoisseur of the arts.

Bio Edit

Hercule appears in the series «The Melting Mangoes». Hercule is one of the members of the group of vultures dealing with scams by selling copies of paintings by Salvador — "The Melting Mangoes". Hercule, in turn, is engaged in the fact that he sells copies of the pictures in the form of the original in return for fruit. Once, the «Jungle Bunch» was aware of this fraud and arrived in the gallery. When Hercule realizes that he was discovered, he managed to escape. Later, while in the shelter of the vultures, Blaise complains to Hercule about the fact that he sold two copies of the «Jungle Bunch», but the latter claims that soon there will be a scandal about the scam and it will be possible to continue the business. When the «Jungle Bunch» found out about the location of the shelter, Hercule tried to fly away, but was showered with Batrisia paint, as a result of which he hit the wall and said: "Tomorrow it will hurt."